Run8 Forums & Multi-Player Servers

Diverging Approach Multiplayer Server (DAMS) -Run8 24/7 Multiplayer Server, TeamSpeak and Texting Supported. DAMS has a forum for support. They also have free Multiplayer and teamspeak servers avilable for sessions.

VirtuRail Simulations - This group has planned sessions every month which are very well thought out and very realistic and fun to operate on. The Run8 devs like to join them when they have time. And there is also a forum.

RTS for Run8 Train Simulator - Run8 24/7 Multi-Player Server, Text only sessions and has a forum for support.

RXR Guys - Run8 24/7 Multi-Player Server, TeamSpeak and Texting supported. Also has a forum for support. Run8 Forums - General Discussion and Screenshot forums and one of the older train simulator community forums on the internet.

Run8 Sites

Run8 Studios - The homepage for Run8. For info on the program and how to get it and to download updates and more content, this is the place to go.

The Run8 Depot - Lots of good information here including maps and updates of the projects we have released. You can also find Multiplayer session announcements here as well.

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